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More Art Monday: Crosses

As Carl Jung wrote in “Man and His Symbols” (1964), “a symbol always stands for something more than its obvious and immediate meaning.” Since antiquity, crosses have served as religious symbols, national emblems, representations of secular groups, and more and have ranged in style from the traditional Greek to the flared Maltese versions. Explore some renditions in these artworks from our collection:

Crosses, California,” 1982, by Ruth Thorne-Thomsen

Quilt (Maltese Cross Pattern), c. 1880–1900, America

Bowl in Form of a Half Rice Bale, Edo Period (1615–1868), Japan

Woman’s Late Afternoon Dress, Fall 1965, designed by Gustave Tassell

Processional Cross with the Lamb of God and the Crucifixion, c. 1350, Spain or Germany

Coverlet, 18th–19th century, America

First-Aid Kit, 2006, designed by Harry Allen & Associates, made by Johnson & Johnson, Inc.

Sampler, 1785, made by Jane Hinds